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Battery problem

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Hey guys, I have a 1988 f250 7.3 and my gear shifter broke off right above the transmission (zf5) so I welded it back. I removed both battery negative cables before I started. The next couple of mornings I went to start the truck and had low voltage. Like 5.3 volts on the cranking battery. So I had the alt checked and the stator came back as bad, luckily it was still under warranty so I replaced it. The next morning, same thing low voltage but this time it was .3 volts. I took the battery to Walmart to have it checked , it was less than a year old. After waiting 1hr and a half it came back good. So I get back home and check amp draw with everything off( even underhood light) and I had a 3.5 amp draw. I checked every in cab fuse one at a time with no change. I had to leave for work shortly after. As I return this weekend I bought a new voltage regulator from advance. Hooked it up and no fix, the amp draw is now dang near 5 amps. I'm needing help with this one guys. Oh and my battery light is on as well.
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Ok guys I was doing more reading and I disconnected both battery negative cables to read amperage and it went from 5 amps with the drivers side battery still connected to virtually zero when disconnected. Could it be that I've had a bad battery this entire time? The voltage reads 11.64v right now.
Steve, my leads were reading from neg post to pos. Post and was 5.3v .

I took it to Walmart because I bought it from there less than a year ago, and was hoping I could get a new one.

I checked for amps bridging from the negative post to the negative battery cable.

From what i am seeing it's looking like I have a 1g Part number 7072 .
Ok I took the drivers side battery to advance auto this morning. Turns out it's good, the guy said it was just low voltage, they charged it, I took it home and swapped the batteries. Now I have no problems. No current draw and every thing is back up to snuff. So far..
Yes both batteries were tested and charged on different days. Both came back good. I had no current draw after swapping the batteries. I drove the truck about 45 minutes today. Tomorrow morning I will see what the voltage reads.
This morning everything was as it should be. Thanks for all the help, and all the great information! ?

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