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Bed Sizes...

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This is a really dumb question and it's kindof embarrassing but can somebody tell me if a full sized 8 foot bed can be put on the frame of a shortbed truck without modifications? I'm finally getting to the point where I can replace my poor truck and I can't imagine not having a longbed but I've got a chance at a good deal on a shortbed truck that has damage on the bed. If it can be done, I could buy the truck and replace the bed with a full sized one but I'm not sure if it would fit...
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My two cents is go find a good deal on a long bed truck.

In my case, I have a LWB CC. I bought it thinking I would get a camper. It's a nice travel truck w/ lots of cab room, etc. Well, what I do now is haul firewood, gravel, and I'd like to get a plow. I need a regular cab or extended cab dually with a dump. I could shoehorn my current truck into what I need by adding a dump bed, but it won't haul as much as it does now or as much as a dually could. I could put a plow on it, but it won't work nearly as good because of turning radius and I'd probably have to change front springs or add to them.

What I'm saying is I think in the long run, you would just be better off getting something made for the larger bed. Less hassle and with the price of steel and whatever else you need for DIY add-on parts, you just might negate the good deal you got on the short bed..
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