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Bed Sizes...

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This is a really dumb question and it's kindof embarrassing but can somebody tell me if a full sized 8 foot bed can be put on the frame of a shortbed truck without modifications? I'm finally getting to the point where I can replace my poor truck and I can't imagine not having a longbed but I've got a chance at a good deal on a shortbed truck that has damage on the bed. If it can be done, I could buy the truck and replace the bed with a full sized one but I'm not sure if it would fit...
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I am

If you look at a shortbed and longbed truck, the difference in length is from the back of the cab to the wheel well.
Now I gotta figure out if I could settle for a shortbed or not....
I feel your quandary. You just have to decide what the long bed is worth to you versus the deal you could get on the shorty. Personally, I looked long and hard for the right truck, and didn't even look at short box trucks. Of course I was looking for the 6-speed as well, which was more difficult than the long bed. These trucks were a lot easier to find when diesel was $5+/gal.
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