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Belt for my IDI

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Hey guys my old serpentine belt snapped on my 7.3 IDI 1993, so i bought a very nice belt thinking it was the right one. it was the good year Gator back and it was 113 long. truns out when i put it on the belt was too loose (later found out that belt is for the AMBULANCE package with the leece alternator...which i don't have), so i went to the nearest autozone and bought some cheap belt that was 110 long.the only thing is when i put it on today i drove the truck for about 2 miles and the belt snapped and ripped to shreds.

was the belt too small?
is there a special kind of belt i should buy?

please help....

thank you.
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You can't go wrong with the correct length Goodyear Gatorback, they're about the best brand out there. Just make sure the parts man knows you have the standard Ford alt. and not a Leece-Neville.
Thats my first choice when I can get it :thumbsup:
It's worth the trouble in my opinion. I've got the slapping, vibrating pre-93 V-belts that are known for premature wear. Years ago one of the sharp partsmen in a major parts house myself and our truck shop dealt with gave me a short "clinic" on why the Goodyear belts were better than the others. Been using them ever since and get right at 50,000 miles out of a set every time, not so with the previous brands. I don't know why they're so hard to find, last set I ordered were from 1200 miles away, couldn't even find any in Billings, MT, plenty of tires but no belts.
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