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Best Chip or performance helpm on 7.3

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I have a 2000 7.3. I have the superchip 1805. My EGT is always high when I tow but I need the extra power. I listened to some people and installed the 4 in Pipe from the turbo back. I then had the AFE Stage II Air Filter system put in that was supposed to give me as much as 50 more HP. I think all it does is make a lot of noise. I guess the bottom line is that I saw no gain in power or lower Exhaust Gas temps (which was the main reason I did these two mods) with the 4 in pipe or the AFE Stage II air filter. Maybe it's because the Chip was already installed? I notice the Superchip 1805s program doesn't care what your mods are all the programs are the same. Is there any chip that has programming in it assuming that you have put a 4 in pipe and the AFE II filter on? Should I switch to an EDGE Chip? WHat can I do to get the EGT's down? I also have 37 in Tires and no changes to the rear end gears.
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