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I got a new starter for my truck. I swapped out the MIstubishi 2.5kw starter for a Denso 4kw starter. That thing sounds like it's going to go into orbit when I turn it over!

P/N was 228000-8420 (Denso #)

Cost was $294.00 plus tax.

It uses two bolts instead of three, and the power lead needed the small tab bent off and the lug straightened. It took no time at all, was easy to straighten. I'd read that some people needed to drill the hole bigger in the lug but I didn't need to.

For the extra $100 I think it was well worth it! I got a new starter instead of a rebuilt one, and it's much bigger! It was probably twice the weight of the old unit, and I bet it turns over at twice the speed!
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