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1997 Dodge Ram 3500 5.9L 12 valve cummins 4x4 manual
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Has anyone experimented with different injector nozzles or tips with wmo? I know this is a Ford forum but seems to have a bunch of alternative fuels info.

I am getting ready to replace my 5.9L 12valve cummins injectors. 215k on stock injectors I believe. So that would be the VCO nozzles. ~60k on wmo, not bad. I do a lot of towing. Minimize idling, thin the oil, centrifuge, 1micron sock QC filter, and no fuel heater. I was doing some research on injectors and a buddy showed me this video.

SAC vs VCO nozzles-Diesel Driven Diesel

SAC vs VCO. These guys logic makes sense.

Wonder if anyone has tried SAC and WMO? I am running stock power and don't need more than stock power settings for what I do. Another video said SAC style would not have as nice of drive-ablity, but they are designed for higher continuous hp like marine. I am seeing some contradicting info out there.

Appreciate the input
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