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My 2007 F250 Super duty is getting to the point where the headlights (covers/lenses) have been redone/cleaned up a couple of times and now they are getting pretty sad looking again---beat up by the dirt/sand/gravel and are getting fairly opaque looking. I'm debating doing a clean up on them (again) or just replacing them with new units, but see that there are a lot of types of headlights and a pretty wide spread of prices. So, my question is---What headlights have any of you all had experience with? What are the pros, cons and trade-offs of one type over another and what is likely the best bang for the buck? Input and hearing some of your experiences would GREATLY help me in making a decision about what units to buy to replace the OEM ones with.....I'd like to hear about things like types of lights, light patterns, looks,connector comparability, and so forth.

AND, while I am messing around with the front of the truck, I am thinking about replacing the OEM grille shell (which is showing some sad looking chrome that I am afraid is going to just start peeling/falling off sometime soon) with either a direct replacement or an upgrade. I put some aftermarket billet horizontal bars from PRECISION GRILLES in the the OEM one to get rid of the "honeycomb look" originals back when I bought the truck new and they are still in good shape, so I'd like to be able to reuse them in whatever I put back in IF it is basically an OEM or OEM looking grill.

Any comments/input on either or both of the above things would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Don J
Reno, NV
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