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Better rear discs....

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Has anyone made rear disc brackets for the 95-97 style of calipers?

I'm after 2 sets. It would put the same brakes on all 4 corners of my two Fords.
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I have the chevy setup but will soon be moving to super duty rear brakes. Near as I can tell once I get the calipers, pad brackets and main brackets off the SD I can cut the flange off the 10.25 and fab a matching flange for the SD parts and weld it on. Using the Van rotors you will have a fully functional (as much as they function...) parking brake and more braking power then the chevy setup. Just have to change the rear cables for the parking brake.
Could you just put the OBS hubs on the SD rear axle w/ van rotors?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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