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Better rear discs....

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Has anyone made rear disc brackets for the 95-97 style of calipers?

I'm after 2 sets. It would put the same brakes on all 4 corners of my two Fords.
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Both of those kits use the Chev 3/4-ton or Caddy calipers.

I'm really shooting for something beefier. I should have an E450 axle in my van for the weight I'm packing... but the cost of that axle, driveshaft shortening, plus fresh brakes.... is a bit much to stomach.

I might look at buying the 99+ hardware and doing my own fab work to get it on there.
I like your swap too! The problem for me is a whole donor axle will cost me more than the Dodge disc bracketry & anchor plate from the dealership. The Ford version is even more spendy. :(
I'm leaning toward this setup... its the 01-02 Dodge stuff getting spliced onto a 90's 14-bolt.

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what rotors would be usd with this conversion ??
The stock rotor for those brackets is 12.5" diameter and 1-1/4" thick. You have the option of many different 4x4 rotors (Ford, GM, Dodge) depending on the "hat" depth you like.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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