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Better rear discs....

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Has anyone made rear disc brackets for the 95-97 style of calipers?

I'm after 2 sets. It would put the same brakes on all 4 corners of my two Fords.
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That's a pretty neat set up.

If you're up for it, you can always do what I did: | F-350: Sterling Rear Disc Conversion
Oh cool. I have a follower! See my original post here:

The Ford and Dodge brakes are the exact same, both made by KH (Kelsey Hayes). The only difference being the depth of the rotors.

I would like to do an exact price comparison between the two dealerships (Ford vs. Dodge) again since the brackets, calipers and ebrake backing plates are made by KH.

One thing I kick myself for not doing is making an exact template of the axle flange when I had the chance :icon_rolleyes: That would make it a lot easier for a newcomer to put these brakes on their axle and not have to worry about hacking into a Dana 60 (not to mention it was somewhat difficult).

The only other method of puting front type calipers on the rear would be to use these: | 4x4van: Axles: Future Rear Disc Conversion (project not finished yet).
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Could you just put the OBS hubs on the SD rear axle w/ van rotors?
No. The OBS hubs are wider than the SD.
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