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I have an early 1999 7.3l with the 6 speed manual tranny. Only have K&N air filter on it and a TS 6pos chip now my problem is with the water in fuel. When im driving and i hit a big bump or the road is rough i have 3 kight that come on the dash. The "Wait To Start" "Service Engine Soon" and "Water In Fuel". When this happends also the rpms drop to about 700rpm (around idol) but imediatly after this the lights go away and the trucks runs fine until it happens again. It also appears that when it does this it shuts extra fuel from going to the engine because i cant power through it. I have changed the filter and put stablizer in the fuel but i still have the problem. Just unplugged the WIF sensor and going to try to give it a test. Now is there anything else that may be wrong? Some people told me the WIF sensor is bad or getting grounded or the fuel pump solenoid is bad or getting grounded. This is really starting to make me mad and I want it fixed. Any suggestions on what is wrong?
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