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Big Cam Cummins intermix

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Ok, here goes the dumb question of the day. But, I since I don't know I have to ask. My neighbor has a Big Cam Cummins in an older C/O and it started intermixing oil and water. He had another mechanic friend briefly look at it and advised him on what to do, because he did not have the time to fix it. He said pull the manifolds and see which cylinder is bad, pull the pan, the bad cylinders piston and the cylinder head of the bad cylinder. Then replace all bad gaskets and reassemble. I understand the head removal, but why the piston? I'll probably be doing the work on this engine and don't want to take things apart that don't need to. Thank you in advance for all input.
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So this engine is a "wet sleeve" type? And, thus the reason for the piston pull? If this is the case how hard or what special tools will I need to get the liner out? I'm an auto mechanic so I have an idea for this big stuff, but want to know what I'm doing before doing it. Thank you for the response.
Thank You, and no offense taken, I appreciate the heads up. I wanted to help him (my neighbor) but this sounds out of my league, at least until I have someone to ask along the way. He's just tight right now, the economy and such, and I wanted to lend a hand, he's a good guy. But, hearing what you said, I might be doing the bigger favor and letting someone else help. Again, thank you.
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