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Big tire performance questions

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I've got a set of 37's sitting in the spare room and gonna put a 6" Donahoe racing lift on fairly soon. About how much are those bigger tires gonna slow me down in the 1320? I'm getting my mini-me's installed next week so if anyone has a similar set-up, what are you running?

Also, is there anything I should look at beefing up like u-joints or stuff? Thanx for the help.
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I can't tell you exactly because of so many variables, so I will just offer my experiences.

I ran my truck on 36 14.50 16.5 super swamper tsl radials forever. It most likely will sound stupid, but the truck on those specific tires, no others, was extremely nimble and always got an excellent hook off the line. By the way my truck has a 6 inch superlift with the 4 leaf pack before the easy ride or whatever they have now. So I don't have any body roll at all. Its a regular cab longbed so not really any weight. But at 35 psi those tires would run the slalom WAY faster than my stock 250 on stock street tires. Not that I did that but The red truck was VERY stable and consistent. And it did make a noticable difference with stock programming when I went to the swampers. But not really anything that bad. Just noticable. Since I am much stronger than I was stock now, I actually had the tires off not to long ago for something, I can't remember, and put the stockers back on there for the fun of it, and although it did seem faster I guess, It was not anything like I thought it would be. So I don't worry about it. I went to 35 14.5 16.5 swamper ssr radials and they were no faster, but the sidewall roll was substantially higher. I am now running 35 12.5 16.5 BFG mud terrains and they are not even in the league. I couldn't believe it, but they handle like crap no matter what pressure I try, they induce horrable power-hop, and they're not that much quieter. But they last. And that's what I need right now. I'll probably go back to the swampers next time. The tsl radials. I also didn't notice a worthwhile difference when going to the BFG's being a lighter tire.

The answer would be yes it will slow you down. But not nearly as much as you might think. Besides, it's that much more demeaning when you toast the brand new sportscars in the full-size diesel and you're riding on big rubber.

You're just not gonna get the same times at the track. But it woln't be as bad as you think.
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As for breaking stuff, I've got 50" by 23" tires on my other f-350 and it's a dedicated off-road truck and gets ABUSED as such. It has done fine. Nothing but shock mounts, t-case front yokes and drag link so far. But with the auto lock hubs gone and my own shock mounts as well as my own full hydraulic steering she's been through hell and back in all kinds of unimaginably abusive situations on trails for jeeps and four wheelers and its shown just how strong a one ton ford is. It's got the 60 in the front though. But as far as the u-joints and rear axle assembly on a superduty, there good to go. And good to go hard. I've got a video of me hitting a motocross half pipe to the tune of right at 10 feet clear under the front axle and right at 6 feet clear under the rear. It hit the ground soft and smooth perfectly level with a little brake check mid-air. Just soaked it up and kept on cruisin. That was about 3 years ago. No probs since. Thought for sure I would loose a ball joint, but not yet. They're tough man. I sure as heck don't worry drivin around on the street after what I put the blue one through on a regular basis in all kinds of trail abuse making it clear a godzilla path down a four wheeler trail in the rocks.

I wouldn't worry. Just keep an eye on wear items. But I don't think you're gonna have a problem with singular events simply breaking parts all at once from torque. You'll have to wear it out if you break it most likely. I was thinking I would have to go to rockwells or drive like a wuss, but the big truck just keeps coming back for more even though the tire/wheel combo tips the scales right at 340lbs a piece. They are tough trucks. 37's are nothing to worry about though. It's not gonna be weak with 37's, just a little slower, but not as much as you probably think. Heck I had one of my buddies follow me around from the back of a trail to the trailhead for the trailer so nobody would rearend me,no brake lights, and I punched it on the big meats and the tahoe was just falling off bad up to about 65-70 when I lifted. I couldn't believe that. But I think you'd be surprised to see how big a tire you can still move out with.
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