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Bilstein 5100 2" Lift Shocks OK with no lift?

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My 2006 F-350 6.0 Powerstroke needs a new U-Joint on the drivers side front axle. Rather than doing just the U-Joints I am going to replace both complete axles with Dana Spicers - 10013781 and 10013778. While I have the wheels off I plan to replace the shocks (toast) and the brake pads (fairly well worn).

It has stock suspension on it with no lift. I MIGHT want to eventually level the front end, but for now, I would like to replace the worn out front shocks with something that will work with the stock height as well as a 2" front lift / level if I ever do that.

  • Will the Bilstein 5100 22-1557462 work for both options? I don't see that model on the Bilstein website
  • Will the Bilstein 24-186018 which states just 2", not 0-2" Lift on the factory website, also work for 0 lift?
  • Is the 22-1557462 a discontinued part, possibly replaced by the 24-186018? I have only found the 22-1557462 shocks listed on eBay and Amazon with the 24-186018 available from many sources.
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No. Those will be to long for your truck. The body may be to long to fit
I just thought with the additional travel of the shock the body would need to be longer.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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