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I'm teaching my one-day homebrew workshop again... will include using an Appleseed and making small batches.. hopefully you'll learn everything you need to get started brewing..
See my reviews at Google Maps (search biolyle)
More info at BioLyle's Biodiesel Workshop - BioPro Biodiesel Processors FREE SHIPPING to WA, OR, CA, SpringPro T76 DryWash System, Kuma Stoves, Biodiesel Classes, Biodiesel Workshops, Consulting, Homebrewing, Seattle, Washington, Pacific Northwest, BioPro190, Bio

Class Fee: $79
Register online at:
Brew Your Own Biodiesel
or by calling: 206-533-6700

A hands-on workshop to learn all the basics to make your own high quality fuel for about $1 per gallon. In this workshop you will do titrations, make small batches of biodiesel with different oils, and learn the tricks to make quality biodiesel every time. We will also operate a small-scale "Appleseed" reactor during class. This system will be compared with the automated BioPro system which the instructor uses to facilitate fuel-making for a Bring-Your-Own-Oil type coop. The class will also cover topics, such as chemistry of the reaction, quality control, vehicle compatibility, cold weather issues, methanol recovery, disposal of wastes, and how to run a successful coop. Whether you just want to learn more so you can decide whether or not to use biodiesel, or you want to make your own brew, this class will help you get underway.
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