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Bizarre but honest question about turbo...

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For a while now, about 10k miles, I've had intermittent barking of the turbo on deceleration and every once in a great while on acceleration. The other day, after a 2 hour jaunt, while listening to a weak AM radio station I heard the whine/spinning of the turbo on the radio. It only lasted as long as the station was weak, but it was definitely the turbo.
Is the turbo headed for failure?

04 6.0 Lariat AT with 3:73's
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the bark or FART (as some refer to it) is the EBPV (exhaust
back pressure valve) its the equiv. of a waste-gate for our

[/ QUOTE ]

Ummm, there is no valve on this truck with this name.


its a pressure relief valve of sorts.

the EBPV is an electronically controled solenoid...and they
can fail (like anything else mechanical)...if its failing to
operate as programed it likely will generate "codes".

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The only electrically controlled solenoid that is exposed to exhaust flow is the EGR valve. The only sensor exposed to exhaust is the EBP sensor. The VGT solenoid isn't directly exposed to exhaust, but it may be what this poster is refering to. The VGT solenoid rotates the unison ring in the exhaust side of the turbo to direct exhaust flow to the turbocharger turbine wheel. Typically, if there is a failure in this system, then the vane system will stick from deposits or rust on the exhaust side of the turbo. Then you'll get an over or under boost condition and possibly some codes.

Some amount of turbo "farting" is considered normal. If it is excessive, then usually some sensor or actuator will be performing outside of it's design parameters (specifically, the EBP sensor, EGR valve, or the variable turbocharger). If something is outside of it's design limits, then an appropriatly skilled technician can find it and fix it.
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