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Bizarre no start on 2002 7.3L

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Hi guys,

A friend of mine and I have been working on his 2002 7.3, and still cannot get it to start. We have been through the wiring harness, replaced most every sensor including ICP. Replaced the IDM module and checked power to it, and still no start. Connectors to the IDM are clean and seem ok.

It's acting like it's not getting any fuel, even though we've been through the feed side, lift pump etc, all are good and we are getting good flow into the engine compartment. It will puff a little smoke on cranking but not like normal, and no start.

After many hours we are at a loss. Any suggestions?
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Is your pcm cigarette lighter fuse good?
What is your cranking speed?
What is your hydraulic pressure while cranking?
You need to build at least 500 psi. Before the computer will fire the injectors
You need at least 100rpm before injectors will fire.

No you could pull out a first generation diesel injector, hook it up to line bleed and watch but these injectors need to be in their holes as that's where the fuel and hydraulic pressure meet the injector body.

Do you have access to a power stroke capable scanner?
Have you tried hooking up the charger and jumping with another vehicle?

Being in AZ I understand it's not cold but if the engine has some wear to it, its compression where the base heat that lights off the fuel, will be down and glow plugs might be needed to light things off, even in AZ. Have you checked the in and out voltage of your glow plug relay?
Most all generics will not pull codes or stream live data on these trucks. Though they use the OBD2 system, it is non compliant.
You may want to consider a system like AutoEnginuity. It wil run on a laptop and is used by many people here. So if you have an issue like navigating the system, you could post the question on this forum and get a pretty quick response.
There are some other set up I think you can use on your smartphone. I'm not sure on them but you could always start a scanner thread to get more input on ther options.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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