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Bizarre no start on 2002 7.3L

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Hi guys,

A friend of mine and I have been working on his 2002 7.3, and still cannot get it to start. We have been through the wiring harness, replaced most every sensor including ICP. Replaced the IDM module and checked power to it, and still no start. Connectors to the IDM are clean and seem ok.

It's acting like it's not getting any fuel, even though we've been through the feed side, lift pump etc, all are good and we are getting good flow into the engine compartment. It will puff a little smoke on cranking but not like normal, and no start.

After many hours we are at a loss. Any suggestions?
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Yes, the fuse was good.

Cranking speed seemed normal when we first stated working on it. We put a charger on it because we knew we would be cranking it a number of times. There were a couple of times that we ran the batteries down to 11.8 Volts, but we didn't keep cranking on it at that point.

Not sure what the hydraulic pressure it to be honest. Could we pull the injectors are crank it to see if they are spraying?

Thanks for the help.
Ok, I will try all these suggestions. No, the ODBII scanner we are using is generic, and although it was giving us codes before, it is coming up with no codes now that most all sensors were replaced.

The 500 PSI pressure and 100 RPM is an issue we will look at, although we have checked the glow plugs and they are fine.

I will go through those things and report back.

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