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black aftermarket rims/short rant

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looking for a good set of all black aftermarket aluminum rims. had an order in for the kmc hoss but the 4wheel parts people called me this morning and told me the order wasnt going to work out because only 3 of the hoss rims in the size i ordered exist in the world and kmc does not plan to make any more for at least 6 months (this sends off my bs alarm hard and fast... 1. how do they know there are only 3 left in the world 2. 3? what a convenient number 3. why would kmc and its distributors still be fully marketing this rim online and in catalogs/magazines and not have any). But whatever im not going to take it up with 4wheel parts and try to get rims out of it... just going to get my money back and find something somewhere else... tired of their crappy service and high prices anyways:icon_rolleyes:.

So... back to what i originally started typing this thread for... anyone know a nice set of of black rims that dont just look like the stock 2000 SD wheels (circular holes). Im looking for a 16x8.. still 8 lug on 170mm aluminum. i know from lots of shopping a lot of rims arent available in a 16 so i would be willing to go with a 17 or even an 18 if they are super cool... im going to be doing the whole winter set/summer set thing and just keep my existing toyos on the stock rims for winter and get some sort of all terrain probably... size 285/75... so an 18 inch rim may be a little large. you guys be the judge. let me know what y'all think. k im done...
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