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Discount Tire Direct has another HOT deal for you, but this time for wheels!!!

For a limited time, DTD is reducing prices on select Black Rhino Taupo (black w/ machined face) and passing the savings to you! Check out the special deals below and get them before they're gone! Also, these reduced prices can be combined with the Black Rhino $75.00 INSTANT savings when purchasing a set of four(4)!

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, shoot us a PM and we'll make sure you're taken care of!

17X9 6-135.00 ET+12
17X9 6-139.70 ET+12
17X9 8-165.10 ET+12
17X9 8-170.00 ET+12
17X9 8-165.10 ET-12

18X9 5-150.00 ET+12
18X9 6-135.00 ET+12
18X9 6-139.70 ET+12
18X9 8-165.10 ET+12
18X9 8-170.00 ET+12

20X9 6-139.70 ET+12
20X9 5-150.00 ET+12
20X9 6-135.00 ET+12
20X9 8-165.10 ET+12
20X9 8-170.00 ET+12

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