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Blackstone Report ---Fuel Contamination

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I have a 7.3 with 117,000 miles. To date never had a problem with this Truck. Did my first Blackstone report at 60,000 miles, all elements were below average except Iron (34). All reports since have been the same, the only thing above average is Iron. My last 2 back to back reports showed Fuel contamination with a below average flashpoint (400). The Fuel % average is <2.0 , mine checked 1.0. If I am reading this correctly how can I have Fuel contamination(low flashpoint) and be below average for Fuel %. 3 months ago I switched from a 55 hp chip to an Edge Evolution and shimmed the regulator (55psi to 68psi). Could these changes be causing this or do I really not have a problem. Oil change every 5300 w/ Rotella T 15-40. Sorry for the long post.
Thanks, Robbie
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I've never had Blackstone find ANY fuel in my oil, and I've been running with a shimmed fuel regulator for at least 2 oil changes. Before the last one, I swapped out two injectors and expected that they would find some fuel in the oil that I didn't get sucked out of the cylinders, but they still didn't find any fuel. Currently running about 70 psi on a regulated return system and don't expect them to see fuel in my oil at the next change (due in about a month).

I doubt the cause of your fuel in oil is from your chip or programmer. Maybe you've got injector o-ring problems, but that usually shows up as oil in the fuel.
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