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Making vegetable oil blend Diesel Fuel (VOBDF) by blending Coleman Fuel with vegetable oil

The point of this experiment and video is simply to demonstrating that some solvents will dissolve readily into WVO. It is purely of academic interest and is in no way an attempt to encourage its use or recommend its use over petroleum distillates. I am just posting these experimental blending videos to show that there is a range of solvents that could be blended with waste oils to make diesel fuel. It is up to the user to decide whether they wish to further the experiment by running it on an engine. If you do, then please post your findings on this thread.

The point is making diesel fuel out of waste oils is a form of recycling. And, there are many people making viable and sustainable diesel fuels by blending various solvents with various waste oils. Therefore, there is no reason why the solvents used to thin waste oil need not also be recycled, therefore it is conceivable that someone may come across some recycled solvent and consider using it as a solvent for making diesel fuel by blending it with waste oils. Thus, diesel fuel made from blending waste oils with waste solvents is essentially recycling, therefore it is fundamentally a green activity

And, anyone engaged in blending or making biodiesel should most definitely wear protective gear, such as: safety goggles or shield, respirator with activated charcoal cartridge, chemical apron, have a water hose under pressure and a fire extinguisher handy whenever processing fuel. That process should also be done in a well-ventilated shed or out-building or outside away from buildings, because the biodiesel process has gotten away from some people, exploded and caused severe burns on major portions of the operator's body and set the house and even neighborhood on fire. However, there is no report yet of a blender having the same accident, but blending is nonetheless a potential hazard.

Please dispose of your waste products responsibly.
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