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Blew Turbo Friday!

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Friday was driving to Seward (Alaska) for a nice holiday weekend, had the camper on, towing the boat. Was going up a hill and start to hear a noise that sounded like rushing air and loss of power. Pulled over, was hoping it was just over heating as nothing was popping up on the gauges. Waited 15 minutes and we then hit the road again, as soon as the turbo kicked in starting hearing the air noise. Had to keep going to get up the hill and look for place to pull over when BANG. The truck just about completely came to a stop. Managed to get into a pull out, the turbo house had blown off. Long story with the tow truck, ended up driving in back to Anchorage (90miles) and was okay as long as I didn't go over 2k rpm so the turbo didn't kick in. It is at the dealership right now, hopefully being fixed.

Added a lot of headaches for what was supposed to an easy going 6 day weekend. Still managed to get the boat down to Seward and do some fishing.

Has anyone replaced their turbo with another stock one and had it blow again? Should I just eat the cost and replace it with an aftermarket?

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FYI It is Ford policy to always put a new coupler (hose) and clamp when one blows. Putting the old one back on when truck is under warranty is not a good idea. The newest coupler has a built in O-ring and the clamps have been upgraded. I blew three hoses in one hundred miles and each time it was dealer fixed. Last dealer told me about the Ford policy and I didn't have the correct or updated version coupler.
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