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Block Drain Plug for Coolant

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I was under my truck tonight inspecting it and noticed a coolant leak, had a drip at bottom of bell housing. After further inspection noticed a little 5/16 square plug on driver side close to oil pan beside were manifold bolts to exhaust it was wet around it and appeared to be running down. All my books show block drains on passenger side around starter. It was dark so I didn't slide over and look but do some have it both sides or just one. I was afriad it was somthing worse but glad I found the leak or at least I hope. I got it to tighten 1/4-1/2 turn more. Any info.
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They are on both side yes....... if you have a leak think of installing Baja ****** block drains...

BajaGringo Block Drains

The block drains are just 1/4"npt pet****s, available in the "HELP" section at the auto parts store. You need a 9/16" crowfoot socket that fits on a socket extension to reach in to tighten them (There's no room for a reg open end wrench). Then, cut up an old spark plug socket to fit over the pet**** to loosen/tighten. Once they are loose, slip the 3/8" rubber hose over the end of the pet**** and continue loosening the pet**** (with the other end of hose in bucket). Intstalling these is still messy and a bit of a hassle, but NEXT TIME it'll be a lot less messy and a lot easier. Smear 'em with anti-seize to make sure they turn 'next time'. I've already had to use mine because when I had the radiator 'rodded' they didn't have the right kind of antifreeze, and I was 200 miles from home. So I needed to re-flush the system and re-DCA it. This makes saving/reusing the expensive DCAs/antifreeze possible if you use CLEAN BUCKETS. I bought a special funnel that snaps into the radiator fill, and use a metal spray paint funnel/filter/screen just to make sure nothing too big gets back in there. Yeah, I'm a little 'anal retentive', that's probably why my eyes are brown. BajaGringo
I added them to mine a few weeks ago(idea stollen from Baja) I confirm they are 1/4" npt pet****s and the 9/16" crowfoot is neccassary also.

Get the quality brass pet****s that open fully with a 1/4 turn (twist-knob on the side). There's all different kinds available.
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