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Need suggestions

HPOP gets 560 PSI idle up to 1100 PSI in park @ 2000rpm, studders at 3000rpm

Base engine crank is fine

Ran fine on Motorcraft 10w30 for 5k mile break in

Changed over to 15w40 just before a 230 mile trip SF bay area to Belden CA my son took camping for a dj weekend show.

He called me once he started it to come home and it started smoking profusely. Had it towed 50 miles down to Oroville where it sits now 180 miles from home.

When I put throttle to it in park from idle, dont hear turbo spool at all and it starts to studder. Let it idle until hot and still get blue smoke and knock, again at idle.

Codes - PO406 EGR valve - pulled and cleaned replaced gaskets, no more code. PO677 #7 glow plug

Looks to be a failed injector?:frown2:
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