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BOOST #'s Help!

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Hey all. I still have not figured out how to put my truck add-ons in the sig, so please forgive me. I have a 97 F-250 auto with 4.10's, gutted ebpv, 4inch cat back, lost kitty, open intake, downpipe and Wildman 4 pos chip. I have been having trouble with high egts when pulling my 6000 lb 5'ver, and am wondering about boost numbers. On the heavy tow setting, I am seeing about 22 pounds boosts under 3/4 throttle, and was wondering what numbers I should be getting, and so is Wildman for getting my programming right. How much boost should I be seeing. Thanks fro the help and info again guys. Colin
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RyanPSD, I was thinking that in the low twenties was about all I would see, but I just was not sure, duw to my egt's getting high pretty quick with the chip installed. I guess I just fugured that I would not see my temps go that high so quick only pulling 6000lbs. I would hate to see my tempes if I moved up in load though!!!! Thanks for the reply. Does anyone else have anything different to add? Colin
Hey Alaskan, I get huge amounts of black smoke at W/O, and it trails off as the boost catches up, but still has a decent amount. I am not sure what the H.P. ratings are on the different positions on the chip, but even on the second position which is probobly about 40 hp, I still get some black with the turbo spooled up. As far as fuel pressure, I have not checked it, and do not know how to. Maybe someone will chime in and tell me? Thanks for the experinces and info. Colin
Alaskan, and Wes, I was affraid of that answer. I imagine that the innercooler is somewhat of an involved job. Taking off the front of my truck and all. Let's not forget cutting the hood latch and holes on the radiator bracket. I guess it is true, one power mod makes room for the next. I will watch e-bay and then eat my Wheaties!!! Thanks guys for your helpfull posts. Colin
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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