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The Borg Warner S300SXE 64.5mm has been added to the turbo lineup on our site as another option for those who use their truck as a tow rig or daily driver. We have matched it with the .91 A/R exhaust housing, which offers great low end spool up, without sacrificing all the top end. It is the perfect turbo for the 300-500HP range, so you can run it with Stock injectors through Stage 3 Hybrids.

This turbo comes standard with a 360* thrust bearing and billet compressor wheel.

The specs for the turbo are:

• 64.47mm / 2.54'' Compressor Inducer Dia.
• 87.37mm / 3.44'' Compressor Wheel O.D.
• 67.56mm / 2.66'' Turbine Exducer Dia.
• 76.20mm / 3.00'' Turbine Wheel O.D

We also offer the Carson Stauffer Complete T4 Mount Kit with it as well, so you will have everything you need to get it installed and running.

Check it out HERE.

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