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I found a rebuilt unit & it’s being shipped. Also ordered the 4x4 adapter since it’s needed to adapt it to a 2wd E4OD. I have the Dana 80 4.10 lsd dually so should be a really nice od on the hwy.
I only want to use the overdrive & direct drive. It does not include any electronics. I found an online operators manual for it for the controller & switch that I don’t have. There is no schematic that I could find.
It looks like I don’t really need the sensors hooked up which just go to leds that show a status of the unit. Also the controller is just momentary switches which turn on power to run the motor which loads the spring.
There are 2 power connectors but I don’t see a ground connector, so my question is- when the switches are pressed is the polarity on the 2 power connectors reversed OR is the case grounded & when a button is pressed is power supplied to 1 connector & when the other is pressed is power applied to the other connector?
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