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Bought used 7.3 Ex � have questions on cackle and knock

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Bought used 7.3 Ex – have questions on cackle and knock

Hello all, I’ve been a long time lurker on this and other diesel sites for over 2 years. Finally took the plunge and bought a 2003 Excursion 7.3 with only 16k miles on it. So far, I really like it, and I’m easily getting over 20 mpg. I’ve started doing routine maintenance, and after replacing the fuel filter the engine seemed to become noisier. I knew it had cackle when I bought it and I also realize I have idle knock. So I’ve been searching this site and several of you have indicated that the “fuel tank mod” and the “fuel rail mod” would quiet engines with cackle and knock. Now I’ve been a back yard mechanic for over 40 years, mostly doing general maintenance and minor repairs and I’ve read some of the instructions for these mods. They make it sound relatively easy, but the instructions to me seem to be written for someone with more diesel and/or mechanical experience (and equipment) than I. So here’s my question: Can I install these mods by purchasing the kits using just hand tools? Or, should I not worry about the noise, as I’ve read some here suggest and just enjoy the mileage and let my Ford 100k warranty handle any problems? I appreciate your response (and patience) with a newbie!
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Re: Bought used 7.3 Ex – have questions on cackle and knock

Try running some additive for acouple of tank fulls. Power Service worked for me. I haven't heard the idle knock for over a year and have to have a fine tuned ear to detect any onset of cackle. I use about 8oz per tank. (29 gal)
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