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Brake fluid

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what is the recommended DOT brake fluid to use? i replaced my calipers and pads now can get a firm brake pedal after i bleed the brake system? i used DOT 3-4 synthetic brake fluid.
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You can or can NOT get a firm pedal? What procedure did you use when bleeding?
History: i replaced the rear L-R brakes, calipers, and rotors. And front R- brakes, caliper, and rotor along with the bearings. L front brakes. After this work i began to bleed the brake system as usual pump and hod method while cracking the bleeder valve. didn't get a hard petal, it would slowly go to the floor. I started in the back and then the front when i was bleeding the brakes. So the next day i replaced the Master Cylinder and when i was removing the upper metal lines off the MC the rusty old line broke???? now i have to get a replacement for the two MC lines that go to the brake system distributor??? its hard to find a shop that can replaced these? i called the dealer and they do carry it anymore?
Read the top of the reservoir cap, and the owner's manual. If you want specific answers, you have to post specific info. Putting your vehicle's details into your profile & signature would make this a LOT easier.

my vehicle sticker is missing. i did a vin decoder. Thanks
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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