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brake lights won't turn off

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the brake lights on my truck did not turn off after I parked him at work this morning. They were still on after about a quarter of an hour.
I checked the switch on the pedal, looks good. Even unpluging it does not turn off the lights.
I pulled every fuse that somehow had to do with brakes, tail light and/or trailer control.
I do not have an trailer brake controler installed.
I ended up disconnecting the batteries for now to prevent draining them.
I noticed, that the brake lights are not staying on as bright as they are when I apply the brake.

Any ideas?


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thanks for the response.
The third light is on and behaving like the two rear ones.

When I hooked my batteries back up yesterday, the lights were out.
I did not have any probs since then.
But, what I noticed is a remarkable better fuel economy. I would say it jumped by about 10% (On the internal display as well as at the pump. I am monitoring this all the time and collecting all the data).
Is it possible that it has to do anything with the turn signal switch? Not that I have probs with the turn signal, but as far as I understand the line is fuses - switch on brake pedal - turn signal switch - lights.
If the lights are staying on after I pulled the connector of the switch on the brake pedal, where is to juice coming from?
Next time it should happen, I will play with the steering column and with the turn signal switch.
It is odd anyhow. And I would like to know, what is going on.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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