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Brake line attachment leak

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After installing a new rear brake caliper on my 2001 drw f350, there is a brake fluid leak where the brake line is attached to the caliper. Was I supposed to use some kind of sealant in there to seal it? Or is the surface of the new caliper defective where the brake line is attached? Or is there a piece of dirt or sand in there? Any ideas? I don't think that there is a little gasket or seal that goes in there.

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There should be two copper washers that go on each side of the banjo block. The sequence should be bango bolt hex head, copper washer, hose block, copper washer, and finally caliper body. Sometimes the aftermarket calipers come with washers in the box, and other times not. The old ones can be used if they are heated up cherry red then allowed to cool down, softening them so then can be crushed again. Otherwise they are too work hardened and you have to overtorque the bolt to seal them.
Glad we could help and good call on looking at the other side!
Ahh, but did you torque the banjo bolt to the stated value or tighten it more? I've watched a guy shear off a banjo bolt just snugging it up a little more to get the washers to seal. It was a "I warned you, I told you" moment.

I've worked with every vehicle manufacturers foundation brake supplier and most of the manufacturers in an engineering capacity. The standard is one use of the copper washers. Why? Because when you crush them they work harden and during a second use the ductility will not be there.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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