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Brake line attachment leak

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After installing a new rear brake caliper on my 2001 drw f350, there is a brake fluid leak where the brake line is attached to the caliper. Was I supposed to use some kind of sealant in there to seal it? Or is the surface of the new caliper defective where the brake line is attached? Or is there a piece of dirt or sand in there? Any ideas? I don't think that there is a little gasket or seal that goes in there.

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Thanks, jerzydiver and FMTRVT!

There were no copper washers there when I disassembled it; so I didn't know about those copper washers. Apparently, whoever did the last caliper change left them off. I found two copper washers in the bag of hardware that came with the brake calipers; so I reinstalled the banjo connection with the copper washers.

I decided that I had better check the other side, and it only had one copper washer between the banjo and the caliper, but none on the other side. So now I am on the way to the parts store to get another set of copper washers.

New compression copper washers are installed, brakes are bled, and the wheels are ready to be reinstalled. Thanks again for your help on a successful project.

1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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