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Brake question - quick answer appreciated

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I have my rear, driver's side wheel and drum pulled off to check my brakes (failed inspection, no braking from that wheel). The entire brake assembly is covered in grease, which certianly explains the braking problem. But what is causing this, a broken seal to the axle? Anything I can replace or just clean it all up and forget about it?

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You need to pack the bearings with grease (I used Amsoil full synthetic blue grease) prior to reinstallation of axles. If I remember correctly, I used gasket adhesive (the black permatex stuff with a brush in the cap) on the outside of the new Scotseals, and greased the inside of them after knocking them into place, so the axles would slide smoothly into place. All this on advice of a (damn good pro mechanic) friend. Also did the 'tilt to one side then the other' trick, with wheels off but drums secured with two nuts, after filling the pig with Amsoil syn axle lube. I had the same problem, blown seals>>>big mess>>>no rear brakes. Had to replace everything outboard of the backing plates (drums, shoes, hardware, e-brake cables, wheel cylinders, etc). Spent more money than desired (what else is new), and more time too, but WOW what a difference in how she stops. One can really tell when the rears are working right; no nose dive at all unless you stand on 'em.

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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