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Brake Squealers Update

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I did not know how to update the Title so I did this. Sorry in advance.

Well, luckily I received the pads saturday and had ordered them wednesday. I slapped them on and brakes feel good. I used the Hawks Super duty brake pads rather than the basic ones.

The OEM pads were I would guess 1/2 used. I checked them when I got home from dealer and they looked worn out. I checked to see what the new pads looked like once on the truck and due to the way the calipers are set up it I could not see the actual pad itself.

Looking at the oem pads it is raised in the center part but I think once you wear it down to even with the lower level it might start squeaking b/c the material looks like it is softer or something. Might be wrong.

Here is a picture of the two pads.

I do not know if it is b/c of the superduty pads that it had padding all the way across rather than only in the center like the OEM motorcrafts. Truck does feel like it is braking a little better though. I tow a travel trailer and boat and both feel like the weigh over 10k lbs.

I did not replace the rear pads b/c they look like half used and those pads I can see while on the truck.
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so why again were you doing this if you still had some wear left?

In am still on mine original pads at just under 55K miles
I took the truck in this past week to do pcm recall update. Dealer called and said my front pads were totally shot but not ruining the rotors yet. I was a little upset at 42k miles and asked about squealers also. service person advised these brakes don't come with squealers.

I then advised let me research and decide what I wanted to do. Dealer quoted $250. I picked up the truck and when I got home I checked the pads looking with a flashlight and I could not see any pad left. I ordered a new set of pads.

After installation I still could not differentiate new or used pad as stated above. I decided to go ahead and replace the pads anyways since it was torn apart and that I tow over 10k lbs toys
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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