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Branch tube or not????????

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Here i am again 2005 Ford F 450 6.0 i have paid Ford for the following
High pressure pump
Low pressure pump
front cover with gears
The symptoms are the truck starts right up and drives perfect until you turn it off. A diesel tech said the Tubes he checked them and said no tubes are all fine must be HPOP i told him Ford replaced it he said take it back!!! Took it to Ford again and now they say well we didn't dig all the way in but the tech says Branch tube!!! I said so how do i know this wasn't the problem the whole time? They said well we can't say because a different tech worked on it and is no longer with us. The branch tube is 40 hours labor so around 4000$ Owning a tow truck company truck down means loss of money but my question is how do i know it is for sure the branch tube and these guys are not just ass raping me!!!!! Thank you all in advance!!!!!
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Agreed. I do not know of one of those pumps fixing a problem on later 6.0. I know of several being replaced but it did not fix the problem (I'm sure some have failed somewhere and from various causes) 03-04 Hell yes, they die routinely at 125K or thereabouts.

Someone needs to air test it with an IPR adapter air test rig and find the leak. The air needs to be applied for 20 minutes at shop air pressure to push oil out through the leak in order for the test to be effective. If you don't air it long enough you can think you have no leak. If you have the air test rig with a gauge and a shutoff valve you air it up and then close valve and check for loss/leakage that way.
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