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Since we don't have a tire forum, or a 450/550 one, towing is probably where this is most useful.

I used up three sets of the OEM General/Continentals in about 80k, and gave up and went with Michelin XZT drive and XDE steer. Finally, after another 80k, the drivers are worn out. These were a FANTASTIC tire for the truck. However, can't replace them (gonners, as are the XDE-M&S that go with the fronts).

I needed something to drive this week, so my local (big chain) tire shop had Bridgestone 724s. I looked at the tread pattern in the catalogue, read the specs and told them to install a set. When I picked the truck up, the tires on it were NOT the same tread pattern as the catalogue, but they clearly were 724 in 225-70R-19.5 F. They had a very fine, fussy tread pattern, not the big, stable blocks in the pics. Looked in their warehouse, and the 245 are the big block, 225 are more like a car snow tire with tiny little blocks. Not happy, but need to get on the road.

Headed home and got about 2 miles down the highway and turned back. Could barely stay between the ditches!!! I thought either they had left the tires at car pressures or someone had somehow disconnected the Panhard rod (lateral locating link). Nope, everything in place and tires at 95 psi.

So, fair warning to any of the 450/550/19.5 trucks out there: DON'T buy this tire if you want a stable truck. It is the squirmiest tread I have ever encountered on ANY tire of any kind. If it moves around that much that easily, it will probably wear like mad as well.
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