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Broken Injector Tip

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So, I never made an introductory post, but here I am. I've been driving my 1999 F-250 for the past eight or so years, doing most all of the maintenance myself. However over this past summer I had an electrical issue that I did't have time to troubleshoot because my computer would not connect to an OBDII reader, so I put it in the shop, where I got a new computer and a patch job on my CPS harness. I had not put my chip back in the truck when on my way to work my truck had an injector tip break in two. My truck has 297,030 miles on it (I was planning on changing the injectors at 300k, so much for preventative maintenance). The injector in cylinder number 4 was the one that failed, but as I feared, the injector tip was not merely cracked. It had broken off inside the cylinder. After fishing around for the tip for a couple hours, I decided to go ahead and pull the head off, but there was still no tip to be found. It was smashed between the head and the piston several dozen times leaving some marks on the head and the bottoms of the valves, but it mainly pummeled the top of the piston. (There is one slight score on the cylinder wall, I'm hoping that it will hone out.) My plan is to check the valve seats to find out if the head is still fine, and get that piston out so I can maybe find an end to the destructive trail left by that little guy. Is there a way to pick the engine up enough to drop the oil pan, and then, can I get to the connecting rods while it is in the truck, or do I need to just bite the bullet and pull this bad boy out?

Thanks in advance,

Any shop manuals, and procedures would be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks, I agree, that sounds like more trouble than it's worth.. I went ahead and bought an IDP complete fuel system/fuel bowl delete when I bought my new set of injectors (I have never been a big fan of the factory fuel bowl), so that should solve any fuel pressure issues. I might end up throwing in a fuel pressure gauge to be able to keep an eye on things in the future. I guess its time to either buy or build an engine stand. I doubt my little one that has an old 302 on it would be up to the task..
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