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build date for new injectors

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Okay, i read in a recent thread on here to check the front of my injection pump cover for the build date, (apparently this is important for '92's, as they changed something midyear?)
however most of the sticker is missing. Of the 2 rows of numbers that I can see, 1,2,3 on the top row with a hole punched in the 2
and 1-9 on the bottom with a hole punched in the 9.
I checked the sticker on the drivers doorframe and it states the date as 7/92. So I'm assuming I have the 921/2-93 model injectors?
Also, can anyone tell me what they changed between 92-921/2? The later injectors cost about 10 bucks more. Just curious.
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If it matters, they also changed from a V-belt to the Serpentine belt at mid year 92.
So do you have a serpentine belt?

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