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Bullet Proof Diesel’s Product Line Expands to Include an All-Aluminum Intercooler for the 2003-2007 Ford F-Series Diesel and 2003-2005 Ford Excursions 6.0L Diesel Engines.

- Bullet Proof Diesel, an industry leader in diesel reliability products, has released a new, all-aluminum intercooler for the Ford 2003-2007 F-Series Power Stroke Diesel Engines.
With a track record of more than a decade, Bullet Proof Diesel revolutionized the light truck diesel segment with the advent of the BulletProof EGR cooler, BulletProof Oil Cooling Systems, All-Aluminum Radiators and now offering an All-Aluminum Tank Intercooler for the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke Diesels.

This unit also boasts Aluminum hose connections with a direct fit and function on the 2003-2007 Ford F-Series 6.0L Power Stroke as well as the 2003-2005 Ford Excursions with the 6.0L Diesel Engine.

A tougher built design is integral to the durability of the component, this unit does not have the plastic tanks like the OEM replacement and offers all aluminum hose connections to alleviate the worry of plastic cracking and failing.

For more information, please message us, visit us at or follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


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