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Buy Back advice please!!

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I have an 04 with the 03 motor. Lots of problems, 2 turbo's, EGR cleaned several times, O rings replaced on it then finally the EGR replaced. EBP sensors twice, VGT solenoids twice, oil leak etc. Every time I pull my 5th. wheel across the country it breaks down. Stranded in Nevada and Utah twice!! I bought used from a private party so the Lemon Law is out but I can go after Ford for a breech of warranty ( advice from a lawyer friend) I have been in touch with Ford Customer Care and they want the truck at the dealer to be looked at one more time then they will make the decision on what to do. Anyone with experience with this I could use the advice so I'm not walking in blind. I love this truck and put alot of money into it.I don't want anything free just a reliable truck,but it keeps stranding my family on the side of the road, yeah it's always covered under warranty but that doesn't help me get my family off the highway. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!
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In the proces at this time. Please review all my previous posts. I was talking to Ford about everything, but I got the feeling they were just stringing me along. I contacted Better Business Burea- Autoline and now Ford will not even take my calls. BBB indicates that they are in the process of an arbitration. It has been three weeks now since I contacted BBB. I just got the truck back on Monday, from the new dealer. Check my posts. Let us know how it is going.
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