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buying advice

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Hi All,

I have not bought many cars in my life (this will be my 2nd) but am looking at getting a new 08 w/in the next few weeks. What is the average going price for a new job 1 2008 CC 6.4. Is it reasonable to shoot for invoice or less then invoice (not including cash back from ford). I though i would shoot for invoice but with the truck being a little over 2yrs old should i offer lower? I will have to do the deal over the phone since the dealer is several states away. The one i am looking at is a FX4 which lists for $52k (according to the window sticker). I was going to offer $47k which i figure is invoice. It's a cash deal with no trade in.

Lastly, has anybody heard what the new incentive will be after 3/31?

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I just bought my 4th 08 for 17k off sticker in Utah. It was 54 sticker, 47k invoice and dealer took 1800 off invoice plus 8500 in rebates. Purch price was 37200. Hope this helps. Oh, build date was 04/08.
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