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buying advice

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Hi All,

I have not bought many cars in my life (this will be my 2nd) but am looking at getting a new 08 w/in the next few weeks. What is the average going price for a new job 1 2008 CC 6.4. Is it reasonable to shoot for invoice or less then invoice (not including cash back from ford). I though i would shoot for invoice but with the truck being a little over 2yrs old should i offer lower? I will have to do the deal over the phone since the dealer is several states away. The one i am looking at is a FX4 which lists for $52k (according to the window sticker). I was going to offer $47k which i figure is invoice. It's a cash deal with no trade in.

Lastly, has anybody heard what the new incentive will be after 3/31?

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If I was considering a Job 1 '08, I wouldn't pay more than "employee pricing" of A-Plan price, minus the factory incentives. The A-Plan price is on the invoice, so demand to see the invoice and don't pay more than that. That should be close to the deal Bmortenson made.
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