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New to Diesel Trucks:
I am looking at a 2003 F350 Dually XLT
178,000 miles on a 7.3L Turbo-Diesel
2 wheel drive, hitch & 5th wheel hitch in 8 ft. bed.
New rear tires fronts OK a bit worn.
PRICE $ 13,500

Was used to haul a trailer of plastic pipe and maintained in company shop. Appears well maintained but now that I found this list I am going to look again.
I am looking to get an RV in a few years, tow a trailer and this is the 1st. step. This truck will be a daily commute to work driver also.

Questions: How likely are these trucks if reasonably serviced to go past 500K on the clock? (I know no grantees but I an new to diesels)

Does this price appear reasonable?

Any advice or comments are welcome and are appreciated. Please feel free to impress me with your knowledge and expertise about these trucks! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif

Thanks, Jim
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The engine will be strongest part of the package.

The automatic tranny (if so equiped) is the weakest link. If I was going to buy a truck with that many miles, I'd figure the price of a new tranny ($3000+) into the asking price and then determine if it's a good deal. At $13,500, it sounds pretty good for an '03.

One other area where high milage trucks (especially older 2wd duallies) seem to have problems is the ball joints. How are the front tires wearing? If worn more on one side than the other could indicate alignment problems. If you can, jack up the front end and see if you can wobble the tires. If so, the ball joints could be bad. These are probably OK on an '03, but say a 99-01 with close to 200K miles, it'd be more likely.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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