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Hey All,

Just picked up a 2007 F350 with 88k miles her in Arizona, the truck was bought new here in AZ.

Years ago I had a 1997 7.3 F250 and then a 2005 F350 6.0 and on both I put the Amsoil duel bypass oil filter setup. I would do the oil test ever 5k and and send it in for testing and had great results. Had over 20k on the same Amsoil in the 7.3 and test perfect. The 6.0 I had about the same before selling.
So when I picked up this truck I started to look at doing the samesetup. But in reading the boards I am not hearing about folks running that setup or doing oil testing anymore, WHY? What has changed in the past 9 years since my last diesel truck?

I am reading a bunch about the Sinister Diesel Oil and Coolant Filtration System. Looks like a good option?

I want to keep this truck happy for meany years. I do plan on doing the bullet proof in a few years after the warranty expires.

Thanks for your help
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