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C-6 transmission will not stop leaking.

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My tranny leeked from the pan so I replaced the pan gasket. It leeked worse. Its definatly not comming from the gasket! The leek is comming from a bolt.... I might have striped it. I put neopreane gaskets on all the bolts but still leaks, evan when not running. Anyone have any ideas on this one?
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A transmission should not leak through a pan bolt hole, even without a bolt in it. My thought is maybe there is a crack or casting hole between the inside of the trans and the threads.

There is special sealer for bolt threads, you might try cleaning out the hole and the bolt with Brake-Clean and then sealing it up.

Would probably be a good idea to install a trans pan drain plug so you don't have to take a oil bath every time you fool with it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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