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C6 Trans Pan - Free

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I put a new deep pan on my C6, and have the original one still. Has the old screen plate with it too. If anyone wants it, they can have it for the cost of shipping it from Tacoma, WA. PM me if interested.
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I think it is just the stock pan, but I will measure it's depth when I get home tonight.

The pan is 3 inches deep at it's deepest point. Here is a pic of it on the trans still:

Trans Pan
Got the TCI from summit:

TCI C6 Deep Pan

VERY nice unit! Has a drain plug and the cooling fins really do make a difference. I have noticed a good 10-15 degrees difference. My heavy duty trans cooler has a sort of thermostat built in that bypass the cooling system until the trans fluid is about 170 degrees. Before this pan, I would easily be at about 180-185 while running around down, going up to 200 on the steep hills around here. Now, it just sits on 170 until I push it up a hill, where it will get up to 180-185 and when it does heat up going up a steep hill, it cools down so much faster than before once I crest the top. I'll be towing a 7700lbs (dry) 5th wheel with my truck soon, so protecting the trans is high on my list.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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