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cab swap

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In the market for a new cab but i think they are extinct. I cant find i supercrew cab for the life of me. Im thinkin itll be easier to put new floor pans and cab corners on. Im a welder so it wont be hard for me to do. And i have to fill holes in the roof from a visor i took off. Plus i really dont want to try to lift the cab off.
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Are floor pans still available? I imagine those would be a Ford only item. Cab corners are easy to replace. Drill out the old spot welds, put new holes in the new panel, screw them into place, and weld them up. Is this a rust issue? If so, are you going to be chasing rust all around the vehicle for years to come? If it is cancerous in there, swapping out with a good cab might be the ticket. If not, changing a few panels would be far easier. Besides, depending on where you live, you may get a decent cab with a lot of hidden rust cancer as well, and that would not be worth the swap.

Good luck.
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