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Can a HPOP leak cause extremely low LPO pressure?

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04 F350, 114k miles. Truck has a hard start/no start condition. Mechanical oil pressure gauge is installed in the low pressure system, and when the truck finally starts it builds about 25psi at cold idle. Which quickly drops to 15psi as the truck warms up, and will soon be at 0-5 psi when the truck warms up more. Can a leak in the HPO system be large enough to create a low oil pressure condition in the LPO system? Or should I be looking in the LPO system first? Thanks.
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I have never seen a truck that runs and has such a large leak that it looses base oil pressure. I am not saying can't happen but this is all I do and it has never came up yet. Keep us updated.
How did you cap off the top? I would be worried about the rust and moisture in the engine.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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